I help non-profit organizations, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs tell their story and strengthen their connection to both stakeholders and the community.


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Refocusing a for-profit business to support a non-profit one

Dalwadi Hospitality Management sparked a “reimagination” of what a boutique hotel can be, and turned a once 79-room chain hotel into Hotel Ylem, a sanctuary for their guest’s mind, body and spirit. Ylem [ahy-luh m] is a Hebrew word meaning the initial substance of the universe from which the universe was formed. In other words, it’s the beginning, and this is where I am helping a successful family-run business change their business model to cause a ripple effect of change for causes that are important to them. The Hotel's main philanthropic support goes to charity:water, a non-profit organization that is working to bring clean and safe drinking water to “every person on the planet.”



To Hear With New Understanding

When a client's mission is to make people "hear with new understanding," I am all in. As part of the resident incubator program at Houston Arts Alliance, Aperio and its staff receive "in-depth training and resources to address critical competencies, including clarity of mission, effective leadership, financial viability and achievable goals." I have helped other resident incubators hone in on their messaging, develop local and regional media contacts, and build on their existing efforts to attract new audience members and community support for their exciting programming. We are currently working on a new website, social media, and promoting their 2018 season.

Houston's favorite block is the place to be

As the home for my business The Tinderbox | Craft Collective for several years, Mid-Main, a block of all independently-owned businesses, will always have a very special place in my heart. Although the current location of The Tinderbox is closed, I am working closely with the block to infuse a large craft element to the First Thursday block parties that benefit a local charity and provide a fun and creative place to eat, shop, and rock. I am also in the process of creating a new web site and other marketing collateral; make sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for all of the info.

Putting a neighborhood park on the map

I first got involved with The Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy in 2013 because a portion of the 300-acre Willow Waterhole Park is literally in my backyard. Since then, I have headed up marketing and programming for the Annual Music Fest, which saw over 3,000 attendees in 2016, and the Conservancy's development efforts, which resulted in a large Texas Parks & Wildlife grant this year to bring an outdoor education element to the park. Browse the calendar of events to see whats going on and get excited about the Levitt Pavilion Houston coming to the Waterhole in 2020!


A growing arts organization gains momentum in a growing zip code

Arts Fulshear is a community-centered non-profit organization in Fulshear, TX and the surrounding area. This committed group of volunteers, staff and teaching artists offer classes and events for all ages to further their mission of bringing art education and public art to the area. I consulted on marketing/communications and development initiatives to propel the organization in the right direction to grow exponentially and affect even more families in Fort Bend County. By going after grant opportunities large and small, as well as refreshing their web site and marketing materials, let's project that Arts Fulshear will be a household name in the West Katy/Fulshear area soon.

A favorite Houston non-profit thinks big

Before I opened The Tinderbox | Craft Collective I worked as the head of communications for Writers in the Schools. To say I was thrilled they called a few years later with a special project would be an understatement. During April 2016, we launched a public, interactive exhibit around Houston called "POET TREES." These artist-designed trees were located in Discovery Green Park, Buffalo Bayou Park, Heights Neighborhood Library, and the East End at the Navigation Blvd. Esplanade. Houstonians had the opportunity to add their words to the unique makeup of Houston. Stay tuned for more special projects and development announcements.


A Rockabilly Vibe with Old School Mexican Kitsch

All Houstonians should be intimately aware of Houston's best taco joint, Tacos A Go Go. The team behind TAGG recently opened Fajitas A Go Go on Kirby Drive and multiple TAGG locations around Houston, and I jumped on board to get the word out and run their social media channels. You can follow Tacos A Go Go here, here, and here, and see how you can eat better fajitas here, here, and here!

DEEP: Seaspace; more than just dance

Karen Stokes Dance company just finished their 3rd year of a large site-specific project with a culminating performance at the Hobby Center for Performing Arts. I worked with this amazing contemporary dance company to enhance public awareness, head a local advertising campaign, and pack the Hobby Center for Performing Arts, Zilkha Hall. Check out DEEP: Seaspace 2014-2017 for more information as they take the performance outside of Houston.

A veteran chef remains on top of her game

Celebrity Chef Monica Pope has many irons in the fire: hosting cooking classes, "popping-up" in unexpected places, and traveling around the country to speak about food. Together we revamped her catering business, organized speaking engagements, and curated several pop-up supper experiences. (Among a few other business ventures she's cooking up).



I once read that "the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing," which was exactly the approach Ryan and Matt of PopVideo took when launching a new web site and full scale branding campaign to attract new clients for their video marketing company. Having worked with these guys on video projects before, they asked me to write the content for their site and ongoing content for multiple communication channels. They know the importance of content marketing and how it has become a big part of consumer engagement and wanted a writer that could attract the attention of the right audience online. Check out the work here.

2 veteran creative minds catch their second wind

Working with 2 creatives that have been around for a few decades has been insightful. When advertising executive Bill Wright got together with esteemed graphic designer Jay Loucks to create W3 Advertising, the creative stars somehow aligned. I jumped on board as a media relations consultant and publications manager and I get to travel and write-2 of my favorite things. W3 works mostly in the oil and gas industry, but has recently moved into education, healthcare, and technology doing lots of business visioning (yes, that's totally a thing). You can check out some newsletters I wrote here and here.